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How much love do you give yourself on a daily basis? (I’ll wait) Little to none at all I bet. Well, here's where you start--with the Love U. 30 Day Challenge!

Each exercise is designed to help you focus a small portion of each day on yourself with huge results!!!  Over the course of 30 days, you’ll engage in a unique combination of challenges that promote growth in the areas of faith, self-confidence, self-discovery and my favorite, self-care!  Plus, some are just plain fun!


LOVE U.  is a great program to share with your family, girlfriends, women's ministry, sorority, and co-workers. The more the merrier!

During the challenge, Please share your experiences with us! Why not post a video while singing along to your "feel good" song on Day Four? Better yet, start on Day One by posting your mantra and owning it!  Whatever you decide, share it with us and you just might receive a free gift from the folks here at Who's That Lady!


Remember, this is YOUR challenge. It is designed to bless you, not stress you. So feel free to adjust dates and alter tasks according to what works best for you. Adjustments are not only allowed, they're encouraged!


Get ready to meet the love of your life…. YOU!

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